Recruitment blast

As I wrote a while ago, my department is trying to drum up more graduate applications. One strategy is to send out encouraging e-mails. I’m endeavoring to write to all the philosophy departments in our corner of the country. I’m presently in the middle of that, so you might hear from me soon.

In the interests of maximizing reach, I’m posting the e-mail here too.

[the e-mail:]

I am writing in hopes that you have students interested in graduate school in philosophy, and to suggest that you recommend our program at UAlbany. Your students would be competitive for funding in our PhD program, and Albany isn’t too far away.

Applications are invited for the MA and PhD programs in Philosophy at University at Albany, State University of New York.

We will fund three incoming PhD students next year with first year fellowships and teaching assistantships in subsequent years. Eligible students entering the MA or PhD program are also encouraged to apply for Albany’s Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Fellowship.

The Philosophy department at UAlbany has special strength in Global Justice & Human Rights, with faculty including Jon Mandle, Kristen Hessler, and Ariel Zylberman (starting 2018). There are also faculty working in related areas of applied ethics, including Jason D’Cruz and Monika Piotrowska.

The department also has faculty working in the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of logic, philosophy of art, and other areas.

Our graduate students do research on a range of topics. Recent PhD graduates wrote their theses on the self in Hume’s Treatise, the Precautionary Principle in policymaking, a virtue ethics analysis of abortion, perception in Plato and the Sophists, philosophy of mind in relation to autism spectrum disorders, the moral status of macabre fascination in horror fiction, and the concept of human dignity in bioethics.

To learn more, please visit our website or e-mail me.


P.D. Magnus
Professor and Chair
Department of Philosophy
University at Albany

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