At the Palais Royale

This is a poem written several years ago, back in May 2011. I came across it while looking through some old files. It resonates just at the moment, when my Facebook feed is flooded with paeans for Prince.

At the Palais Royale

Anyone can use these words in any situation.
These words are in no way special.

You kind of have already been there.
Say yes or no, uninterrupted.
This guy is, but that is not.

Prince is destroying
the minds of our Christian children,
because he was sexually deviant.
You know Superman.
Scooby doo.
That was racy.

My background was askew.
There were always fights,
but the bus driver didn’t care.
One of my first memories.
The craziest shit —
it was stamps, too.
We’d alternate mornings.

I can tell you every top ten soul song from that year.
It’s really not about making the music.

Sade disappoints me
White enough.
Beautiful, it reminded me of a concentration camp.
It reminded me of the moon.

Belligerent madness spotted in the wild

While poking around for something to watch on Netflix, I came across this title card for a Korean TV series:
God's Gift - 14 days

I recognized this as one of my fonts.

Belligerent Madness. It’s a very distinctive ‘G’.

I confirmed my suspicion by comparing the glyphs against the file on my computer, and then checked to see where else it showed up. It’s just the Netflix title card. The original uses Korean letters, and Hulu uses a different font.