89% complete

Aesthetics For Birds recently posted #89 in the series 100 Philosophers, 100 Artworks, 100 Words.

The series began almost a decade ago. The premise for the series, sometimes abbreviated just 100x100x100, gives it long-form structure. It is not finished yet, but it is clear what’s required for it to be finished.

I made one of the early entries.

It’s been an interesting series so far, because it tasks philosophers to pick a work of art worth talking about— often a favorite, sometimes just one of note, sometimes something that they aren’t even sure is strictly speaking art. And it tasks that to say something brief— explaining why they chose that work, setting the context for readers, invoking its beauty and sublimity, or… The series does not include explicit insructions. The task to write 100 words includes the task of figuring out what ought to go in those hundred words.

I just realized that the previous paragraph is about 100 words. Now I hope out of sheer perversity that whoever submits the final entry in the series chooses as their artwork 100x100x100 itself.

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