Preserving the presence of the past

Before I started this blog, I posted for more than a decade at Footnotes on Epicycles. The blog software I was using was somebody’s indie programming project, and they had stopped maintaining it years before I migrated over here. Sometime in the last month— possibly due to a server update— the code finally stopped working. So I spent some time over the last couple of days hacking together a solution which makes all the old posts available at most of the same URLs.1

If you want to poke around over there, I’ve also added an archive page.2

  1. In case you’re curious: A Python script which applied a ton of regular expressions to the blog files, generating static HTML for the posts and comments. Some crude PHP on the site to display that HTML in response to queries.
  2. I realize blogs aren’t really a thing anymore. I notice with a sigh that it’s been almost five years since John Holbo quipped, “Remember when there were blogs? Ah, those were the good old days.”

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