Enacting the plan laid down by my younger self

TL;DR: I cut my hair.

I started growing my hair out at the beginning of undergrad, and I’ve had long hair ever since. I usually keep it back in a pony tail. Younger me always thought that I’d keep the long hair until I went bald enough that the pony tail started to look silly.

My hairline has been slowly receding and my hair has been thinning all around. So I thought about cutting it, but didn’t follow through. Sadly, there’s this striking bald patch on top. I wouldn’t notice if it weren’t for the overhead camera posted at the grocery store self-checkout:

An overhead image of a middle-aged man, revealing the bald spot on the top of his head.

Today seemed like the best possible moment. It was my last day of teaching for the term, so I won’t just show up to class with a new coiffure. And if I were overcome with regret, I have the whole summer to let it grow out.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison:

Pictures before and after I cut off my long hair.
I used to have hair that went partway down my back. I don’t anymore.

From the front, the new do looks like the old do in a pony tail. So there are no pangs of regret yet.

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