Doggerel by chapter

Last week I was assembling the index for A Philosophy of Cover Songs. No release date yet, but soon.

I’ve previously posted a bit of the introduction and the epilogue. Last month, in a moment of perversity, I also wrote a summary of each chapter in haiku. I had entirely forgotten doing that until I saw the file yesterday. It’s in a directory of things written for the blog, so clearly it should be posted here.

Titles for haiku are overkill

Spring cherry blossoms
Cannot define “cover song”
So I won’t either

Let’s make distinctions
Even if they’re slippery
Mimics, renditions

Covers aren’t all bad
The mimics copy their source
Renditions, less so

Time’s an allusion
The passing of each season
About something else

Change can be so great
That even the mother bird
Doesn’t know her brood

Think of songs like ducks
Or like strawberries in Spring
Historical things

A composite made from photos by Jernej Furman © 2020, used under a CC-BY 2.0 license.

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