Cover songs book progress

I’ve mentioned in passing a few times that I’m writing a book on the philosophy of cover songs. I now have a complete draft, which moves it to the rock tumbler stage in which I roll around the prose to remove rough edges and add polish.

The current working title is A Philosophy of Cover Songs. It tells potential readers what they’re in for, and it pretty much obligates anyone writing about philosophy and cover songs in the future to cite it. To be honest, though, I haven’t thought of anything better.1

Although it’s not done, it’s far enough along to share. If you’d like to see a draft, drop me a line.2

Photo by Fabien Barral.
  1. I’m also not sure about the indefinite article. Maybe it should be The Philosophy of Cover Songs or even just Philosophy of Cover Songs.
  2. Note that asking to see a draft doesn’t obligate you to actually look at it or to formulate any feedback. It’s cool either way.

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