Values in scientific communication at CVMST+SRPoiSE

Today I attended the awkwardly named Joint Online Symposium presented by CVMST and SRPoiSE. It was a great event. I learned a lot, asked some questions, ranted a bit.

One downside of on-line conferences is that the break between talks doesn’t allow for conversation with other folks at the conference. It’s just me going upstairs to make another cup of tea. Nevertheless, this isn’t something I would have travelled to Dallas for— so the alternative would have been a Wednesday alone rather than an in-person conference.

Another challenge for on-line conferences is that it’s tempting not to go all-in on them. When people have travelled to attend a thing, they typically pay more attention than when they’re at home and just connecting on-line. This is a matter of mindset and practice. Giving time over to on-line conferences requires a self-conscious effort.

But it’s worth it.

A screenshot of the morning session.

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