Lectures in logic

Like many other professors, I started making video lectures last Fall. It was hard but unsatisfying work. Even so, 97% of the students in the section of Introduction to Logic that just concluded thought that my video lectures were at least somewhat clear and helpful.1

I am occasionally asked if there are videos or other material to accompany my open access logic textbook, forall x. To be clear, the videos I made for class are not intended for use by someone studying alone. They are meant to go along with exercises in Carnap and the possibility of attending office hours. Still— I guess somebody might get some use out of them?

Now that the academic year is over, I changed the videos from unlisted to public. Here are links to YouTube playlists:

  1. It was a forced-choice on a scale of very/somewhat/barely/not at all. 37% rated the videos very clear and helpful. 3% found them barely clear and helpful.

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