Wrap up of 2023

Last year’s blogging tallies up to 10,484 words in 47 posts.

There used to be a blog tradition of summing things up by listing the first sentences of each of first posts from each month of the previous year. Since all the old ways are coming back, I’ve assembled that list below.

From it, I surmise that I blog mostly about my blog. If only I wrote more here, I’d have more to write about.

I: I’ve been blogging since the mid-aughts.
II: Consider these facts: …
III: I am teaching pragmatism this semester, and we are just getting to Quine.
IV: Updates behind the scenes and new competitors make the conversations I’ve had before with LLMs yesterday’s news.
V: Before I started this blog, I posted for more than a decade at Footnotes on Epicycles.
VI: It has probably been more than a decade since I made any changes to the format of my home page— but today I changed around the CSS and modernized some of the code.
VII: I’m not an essentialist about philosophy, but there can be better or worse answers to the question of what philosophy is.
VIII: On Cardiff’s academic blog, Tareeq Jalloh blogs about his work on drill music and epistemic injustice.
IX: Fifteen years ago, I conducted a small study testing the error-correction tendency of Wikipedia.
X: I stopped using Twitter a while back, before it was an X website.
XI: For many years now— with a brief hiccup during the pandemic— the graduate students in my department have hosted an annual graduate conference.
XII: Recent updates to the department website have added a direct link to my CV and a list of representative publications, so it made sense to rewrite my bio as well.

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