Remote feelings

I’ve formulated and not written several blog posts about life in the time of Covid-19.

Last week was Spring Break, which meant that events didn’t quite register the way they would have done any other week. Being at home and not seeing students would have happened anyway. Now classes have resumed, such as they are.

I’ve changed one of my classes so that the activities are all asynchronous— that is, they don’t have to be on at the same time I am. They read, take a quiz, post in a discussion forum, and so on. I’m available for real-time video chat during what used to be the scheduled class time, though, and I met with two students this morning. They either didn’t have the capability to do video or didn’t turn it on, so it was just me gesturing at the camera and ignoring the awkwardness of it.

My other class, a small seminar, meets this evening. We’re all meeting on-line. Maybe some will have video.

I feel like I should have something extraordinary to say because it’s extraordinary times, but not so much. I could record more quotidian detail, but that’s probably of interest to no one. I could offer commentary on the broader state of things, but I don’t have anything helpful to add. So I haven’t blogged.1

  1. I have tweeted a bit. My filter there has a lower threshold.

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