An uncanny visage

One of the regulars at a local game night takes lots of candid photos and posts them to the group’s Facebook page. I idly click through them when he uploads a new batch, looking to see what other people were playing. When I saw one recent photo, I looked at the group of players and didn’t recognize one of them. Who’s that, I thought, before realizing it was me.1

Me at game night

On a tangentially related note, here’s a picture of me that was taken for our department website.2 I think it looks like me, but what do I know?

Headshot of me
  1. I wondered about permission to post clear pictures of other people and ultimately opted just to blur the whole background.
  2. We’ve had to rebuild the department website to fit the new templates, but mostly it’s been a matter of figuring out how to preserve old functionality within the new constraints.

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