Sounds of the season, day 1

Last year I started to write a post about my favorite holiday songs. I didn’t get past listing the titles of seven of them. Inspired by the book week thing, I’ve decided to make it seven posts this year.

I first heard “Fairytale of New York” (Wikipedia/YouTube) as a teenager, because my brother was a huge Pogues fan.It has some lovely musical juxtapositions while still being something you can sing-along to. I understand that it’s a huge thing in the UK, so much so that not hearing it is a challenge on the scale of Whammageddon.1

a woodpecker playing a tune
  1. I lost Whammageddon in the first week of December this year. I don’t hate it, but “Last Christmas” will not be in my list of favorite holiday songs. It’s somewhere in the middling-low meh range.

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