Quotidian superpowers

Today’s game: favorite practical superpower.

The rules: name a superpower that you would love to have and that make your life (or someone’s life) immensely easier, but which would be boring to read about or watch on TV.

This is a Facebook prompt from Carl Sachs.1 I gave several answers, most inspired by minor abilities of old GURPS characters.

  • having no need for sleep
  • the ability to be comfortable at any temperature that an ordinary human could survive
  • an aura which makes the environment around you cleaner and better organized
  • the ability to ask “Where is the bathroom?” and understand the reply in any possible language
  • the ability to utter a monosyllable and have the listener hear it as satisfying and attentive smalltalk
  1. I’m not sure what permissions he set for it, so I won’t echo other peoples’ responses.

One thought on “Quotidian superpowers”

  1. My go-to response for desired superpower is the ability to descend from any height (think: reverse-levitate) really slowly.

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