Planet of the Paper People

PPP was a monthly column that I did at RPGnet for nine installments in 2003-4. I offered regular helpings of paper miniatures, along with characters seeds, patter, and bonus content.

I don't know if anyone ever used them for gaming, but I chatted with a guy from Australia who used them as finger puppets to entertain a small child. So maybe they are of some use.

Planet of the Paper People archive

Wayward Halflings (July 2003)
Burkin Son of Brakin Kegtapper was a character I ran in a D&D game circa 1998. He was part of a typical fantasy party with humans and an elf or two. When I imagined him in an all-halfling party, the other two figures naturally followed as contrasts.
Inmates at Happyglen (August 2003)
The censor and the bust are prime examples of a strategy I used several times while making the column: Two or more distinct figures from one and a fraction's worth of art.
Seasoned Pirates (September 2003)
Pico is a character I drew when doing sketches for the first PPP column-- he provides a tie-in to the column's halfling meta-plot.
Biotech Office Party (October 2003)
This set was inspired in part by an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Colonial Marines (November 2003)
Cpl Harman is a character I ran in a Colonial Marines campaign in the mid 1990s. The platoon was repeatedly thinned out by violence, and she managed to finagle a promotion to sargeant before the campaign ended. PFC Delgado is inspired by my brother's character.
Goblin Wolf Herd (December 2003)
This is the first installment that wasn't already on the drawing board when I started the column. The theme is a riff on a request. The mounts are designed in a way suggested by Glen Barnett.
The Masque of Amontillado (January 2004)
I started out intending to draw some figures from a masquerade. Once I decided on the Poe theme, the rest followed naturally enough.
Secret Identities (February 2004)
This comes with rules for the game Four-color Six-siders, the first bonus content since the Pirate Action Table.
The Stalkerwolf (March 2004)

The downloads were laid out using a number of freeware fonts, including Jakob Fischer's Sweet as Candy (Pizza Dude), SJohn Ross' Dirty Headline (Cumberland Fontworks), and my own Memo to Self (Font Monkey).