This is the personal homepage of P.D. Magnus, a philosopher whom I like to refer to as me. I have a separate professional homepage that links to courses, my cv, and academic papers.

What's new?

There used to be a news box here, many years ago. There used to be a widget showing recent Tweets, before the Twitter meltdown.

Current social mediating is at Mastodon, where I am @News4Wombats.


Think you've missed something?

For sixteen years I maintained a newsbox on this page. It started as a record of updates I was making to the site, but I grudgingly made it more and more like a blog until I stopped updating it entirely. If you want to sift through the strata, it's all in old the newsbox archive.

More recently, I've maintained a blog at News for Wombats.

Made on a Mac.

The site is designed to be Lynx friendly. If you find something that's not, please e-mail me.

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