Planet of the Paper People

Although the column specifies paper people, there has been a request for animals. Preferably herds of them. With this in mind: A herd of wolves.

Goblin Wolf Herd

Download a PDF file containing this month's figures.

Ferg Thriplek (Goblin Wolfherd)

Ferg spent most of his adult life as a silversmith, but hated being inside all the time. When his children all left home, Ferg decided to make a change. He used his savings to buy a hut, a good dogsheep, and a few wolves, and he took to the pastoral life of the wolfherd. It's harder work than he expected, and there was once or twice when his wolves would have all run away if it weren't for Proggie.

Proggie (Ferg's Dogsheep)

Goblins have bred domestic sheep for centuries. Dogsheep have been selected so that they naturally herd dogs. Ferg has concluded that a wolfherd's best friend is his dogsheep. This is doubly so for Ferg, since his wife complains constantly about their new life.

Jahko and Klahk (Goblin Wolfguards)

Although Sheriffs Jahko and Klahk are no relation, it's hard to tell them apart. There are a few differences: Jahko is right-handed and has a fondness for puns; Klahk is left-handed and has no detectable sense of humor.

Today, they are on a mission from the Goblin King himself, seeking a group of fugitives that escaped the royal dungeons. The three wayward Halflings stole a few riding wolves last night, adding wolf rustling to their list of offences.

Wolves (The Herd)

There are three basic wolf figures, but you can print out as many as you need. Of course, you can use them to represent a wild, hungry wolf pack if your adventures don't take you to Goblin country.

In addition to those, there are two riding wolf figures: a common riding wolf and a guardsman's black wolf. They take a bit more work to put together than the basic wolves, but you can use them as mounts for any of the Goblin or Halfling figures.


This collection was prompted by a suggestion by Wulf Corbett. The design of the riding wolves was adapted from a design by Glen Barnett.