Planet of the Paper People

Here's the idea: Every month, I'll provide a few thematically connected paper miniatures. I'll also provide a brief description for each. Hopefully the descriptions will suggest a way you might use these little guys in a game.

My ego aside, you should take the theme and the descriptions with a grain of salt. If some of the figures can stand in for characters you've already got in your weekly game, don't let the names and descriptions stop you. Or they can be pawns for Cheapass Games; I assure you that every one has a motive to kill Doctor Lucky.

Future themes will include patients, pirates, teamsters, clowns, famous philosophers, and who knows what else. I am certainly open to suggestions in this regard.

Wayward Halflings

Download a PDF file containing this month's figures.

Halflings, as we know, are characterized by hospitality and a marked predilection for the quiet life. Although this latter quality makes most of them stay at home and shun adventure, there are some exceptions. In addition to those five or so well-documented exceptions which you have read so much about, there are these three. Friends since childhood, they left their village when the eldest of them took it into his head to travel. As wayward Halflings are wont to do, they fell headlong into a series of wild escapades.

Burkin Kegtapper (Halfling Confidence man)

Cheery and impetuous, Burkin has a winning personality and an aversion to work. Born to hard-working innkeepers, he realized that the world had more to offer than he could find in his parent's inn. He promised Lisa and Nestor that he would lead them on a great adventure, but he has so far led them into a series of fiascos.

Lisa Bagelsmith (Halfling Illusionist)

Lisa is more of a homebody than her companions. She only agreed to travel in hopes of finding her brother, Pico, who left in search of fame and fortune two years ago. Already tired of the travelling life, she has begun to fantasize about settling down with Burkin and running an inn.

Nestor Tromboner (Halfling Treasure hunter)

Nestor is pensive and socially awkward. He joined the other two only because he has a terrible crush on Lisa-- not that she notices-- but after the trio's first misadventures it has become clear that he is the real brains of the group.