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'Adventures' on the move

3aug2010: Several years ago, my friend Janet asked readers to design a masthead for her blog, Adventures in Ethics and Science. Mine was the winning submission. Preparing to move from Science Blogs to Scientopia, she asked me to update the image. (I've linked to the new URL.)

Here are the old and new images, for comparison:

Old AES masthead

New AES masthead

Looking at them together, I am struck by how much better the new one looks. I think I made colour version of the Decktet between the first and the second version of the banner, and I think I learned a lot while doing that. Both versions make use of line art from an even earlier project, so it's mostly a matter of composition.

Although I'm not a professional graphics guy, it's nice to see signs that I might actually be getting better.

And good luck to Janet at her new blog home.


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