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Into the great wide Autumn

17oct2008: Over the summer, we had a bumper crop of greens, long beans, green tomatoes, and eggplant. Today we pulled out the two eggplant plants, which involved harvesting the last twenty or so eggplant fruits and filling an entire garden waste bag with eggplant leaves and branches.

Since I haven't posted garden pictures since May, when it was all concrete and row covers, here is what it looked like in early September, when it was overflowing with vegetative life:

the garden

My parents were in town a couple of weeks ago. We visited Howe Caverns, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Ommegang Brewery. (All fun.) I taught them Biscuit, and many games were played. Under the cover of filial bonhomie, I was able to playtest with three and four players. (All fun, although four players with partners was better than the four player free-for-all.)


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