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We've made our garden bed, and now we lie about it

14may2008: Cristyn spent all Winter thinking about gardening, and so she had rather detailed plans once Spring arrived. She wanted a raised bed, with a brick path around it. She plotted it out carefully, so that we would know how many bricks to buy. Her plan looked like this:

[her plan]

We shopped for bricks and concluded that, although each brick is fairly inexpensive, these things can add up. I suggested the following, less brick intensive plan:

[his plan]

After some discussion, it was concluded that her plan was more practical. For one thing, we were not sure where to procure an eskimo. So we had three palettesful of brick delivered and went about laying them. Although some ad hoc revisions were made to the plan, the result is good:

[with tree in bloom]

The white things are row covers to keep the plants happy. The teepee is for long beans. In the picture below, the structure in the lefthand foreground is a modernist garden bench that we made out of our leftover bricks.

[with gardener, for scale]

Now, things just need to grow.


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