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News from Year Fifteen

Year 15 [permalink]

1dec2012: Although I forgot to mark it, last November saw this website's fourteenth anniversary.

Happy Dozen Gross Day! [permalink]

12dec2012: I just noticed that this is the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year of the millenium. Cosmic forces align, horrors wake, and all that jazz.

Peep [permalink]

17feb2013: A small update, to add an entry to the fallacies page.

Gallons of gooseberries [permalink]

30jun2013: We are still responsible for maintaining the old house until we sell it, which includes keeping the garden in check. Recently, that's meant harvesting gooseberries. We have a six quarts in the freezer already, destined to be cooked into things at some point in the future. And we probably probably have as much still sitting out.

harvesting the bounty

A house is a house, of cou'se, of cou'se [permalink]

26jul2013: We bought our first house a little over six years ago. Yesterday, we sold it.

We lived happily in it for about five years, before moving around the corner and down the road a bit. We'll miss the favorable microclimate in the garden, but little else.


Its always the moving parts that will get you [permalink]

3aug2013: Cristyn and I bought iPhones two and a half years ago. I think mine still keeps me more organized than I would be otherwise, even though I lost track of e-mail last November and my Inbox is now an unnavigable mess.

The home button on Cristyn's phone has recently become glitchy, however, so today we went to Apple store to replace hers. I thought about getting a new one, too, but declined. It would have features my present phone doesn't have, but nothing that would would actually make a difference to how I use it.

I've been murdalized [permalink]

30sep2013: Last summer, Carol Lay ran a Kickstarter campaign for her comic Murderville. I've been a fan of hers since the days of Story Minute. So I supported at the level which included a sketch of me in the Murderville style.

Today it arrived. Yay!