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I live in the future, and this is my jetpack

13jan2011: We bought iPhones yesterday, as carefully considered holiday gifts to one another. The careful consideration stretched into January, but there is a point in space where light from the Christmas morning sun is just now arriving. So it still counts.

Today was spent familiarizing myself with it and sorting through a great many apps which might be useful. Even without supplement, it's a phone, a camera, a day-planner, an address book, a GPS, and a memo book. It replaces several devices I own, while exorcising the ghostly absence of devices like the Palm organizer which I haven't owned for a while.

The compressed functionality underscores the extent to which the internet has changed things. If you had told me about it when I was a kid, I would not have been able to wrap my head around it. To be honest, though, this whole entry is just an excuse to post the picture on the right.


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