Fecundity WebCams

All the webcams went the way of the dodo: The LC575 was sold to an officemate who needed a computer. The 631CD was given to another colleague who needed a computer. The SE/30 alarm clock was replaced by an iMac alarm clock which spends most of its time asleep. What you see are the last images served up by each.

[the office]

These were almost-live glimpses into my life. I used to have this web-cam in my office at UCSD, and this is the sort of image it served up. This is the view from my desk, looking out towards the hall.

This picture was taken by a Macintosh LC575 that I used as a terminal and sometimes word processor.

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I had a Mac SE/30 which I used as an alarm clock. I liked it because I could enter wake-up times directly, rather than having to hit the button 30 times to have it sound at half past the hour. In addition to being an alarm clock, it controlled some lights, the stereo, and so on. I had hoped to have it also serve this webcam. The cam began pointed at the machine itself, a silly indulgence in self reference. It used an original greyscale QuickCam, which my brother had kindly donated to the cause. It worked only intermittently and had to be retired, even before the SE/30 was.

[home again]

I also had a Performa 631CD which I thought to use for something. When Cristyn and I were dating, I used it as an alternate computer when she was around and we both needed to type something. I couldn't decide what to point the webcam at, so it dangled down onto the floor.