Mac, Windows, or Linux?

10 questions to decide which OS is right for you

You may think of this as a parody of the tests which appear in magazines like Teen, Cosmo, and so on. You might think of it instead as a powerful tool to help you decide what choices to make in an increasingly complicated world.

OS X may render some of it moot, but there's no wisdom like old wisdom. Simply choose one of the choices for each question and then submit your answers.

1. Your favorite nordic band is...
Ace of Base. Are there any other nordic bands?
The Cardigans, because you've always loved sweaters.
Abba, because their name is a palindrome.

2. You're at a club when an attractive member of your preferred sex asks you to dance. You...
ask, Are you sure?
fall down and begin to twitch.
haven't learned to dance yet, but you're sure one of your friends will teach you soon.

3. You and your friends are going to see a movie. They have decided to let you decide what to see. You pick...
the feel good movie of the year.
a high-budget movie with lots of explosions.
a foreign film with sub-titles and characters who wear berets.

4. Your dream job would allow you to...
spend all day designing layouts for pornographic photo spreads.
spend all day downloading pornographic images from the internet.
have root access on a server where they host pornographic websites.

5. You are in a lounge where a pianist is playing. You...
request your favorite song.
avoid eye contact.
write a new song for him, significantly extending his repertoire.

6. Of the Three Stooges besides Larry and Moe, your favorite is...
Joe Besser.

7. You and your significant other are having difficulties. You deal with the problem by trying to...
tell them that they did something wrong.
detail their failings in ways they will not understand.
solicit relationship advice from total strangers.

8. You feel you have been wronged by the company where you work. In your quest for revenge, you...
replace the company letterhead on all outgoing mail with embarrassing pictures of your boss.
send an e-mail virus to all your co-workers, shutting down the company.
hack into the company computer and slowly redirect funds into your bank account.

9. You are thinking about converting to Hinduism. The god which most interests you is...
Ganesha, the elephant-headed god.
Krishna, whose devotees seem to be everywhere.
Shiva, whose cosmic dance simultaneously creates and destroys.

10. Your favorite Starfleet Captain is...