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Blog result: d6 fragments

7sep2012: I have been thinking for a while about replacing this news box, which is held together with some custom scripts and duct tape, with a proper blog. One reason is that I I might post more pictures here if they were easier to upload, but a bigger one is that I occasionally hanker to write longer entries about gaming.

Today I decided not to do that. Rebelling against every impulse I have to keep all my output stored on servers where I'm paying for the space, I've set up a blog at Boardgame Geek. It's tentatively titled Trumps, sheep, and old dice with the subtitle P.D. Magnus' ruminations on gaming, along with shrill promotion of his own designs.

As I churn more blog butter, I still endeavor to spread it thinly on the toast of the internet. I still intermittently maintain a philosophy blog, Footnotes on epicycles. And there's the news box here, where I yammer on as I just have.


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