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When your day is done, and you wanna run- Propane

4jul2012: We have now been moved in for a while, even though some of our stuff is still stored at the old house. That stuff included our grill, and we were unsure how to move it. We had considered buying a new one, but after a little shopping we realized we wanted more-or-less the one we already had.

Today began with pulling the old grill from the shed. We realized that its five-years had not been kind to it, and maybe we wanted a new one anyway. So we were going to remove the propane tank to use with out new grill. Except that the tank was mostly empty.

In the end, we put the old grill at the curb with a sign that offered it for free to a good home and traded in the almost-empty tank.

Soon, grilling will begin. Having a grill makes the new house really our home in a smoky, sentimental kind of way. It also seems like a suitable way to celebrate the 4th of July, even though we probably won't see any fire works this year.

As an aside, the kind of photos that I used to sometimes post here are now more likely to end up in my Google+ feed. Posting to G+ from my phone is almost effortless, and so I also post silly stuff like a record of fortunes from fortune cookies every time I eat Chinese. The upshot is that the pictures are usually over there now. They are typically unrestricted, so you can see the #fortunecookie series without having a Google+ account.


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