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Decktet data points

5jun2012: The Decktet was reviewed in the July issue of Games magazine.

I commented long ago on the Decktet's rank in the Boardgame Geek database. For months recently, it has been hovering in the mid 1100s. Recent ratings have put it over a hump, and it's presently 1099th.

The print version of Revised and Expanded Decktet Book is sales rank 2294 at Lulu, and the electronic version is sales rank 295. I'm not sure what the population is here or which sales count, since the print version has sold more than the electronic version.

And copies of the Decktet itself, printed on-demand by The Game Crafter, continue to sell at a reasonable rate. To give a sense of it, the last five orders have gone to Bardon in Queensland, Australia; Gatineau, Quebec; Sudbury, Massachusetts; Križevci, Hungary; and Portland, Oregon.


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