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Font crime is double plus ungood

Deco Card!

29mar2012: Today I was looking at an episode of Dresden Codak that ran last December. The protagonist is skulking around a technopolis and walks past a bunch of deco style posters; at right is an image of one of them.

Something was familiar about the typeface, but I look at a lot of different fonts. After a moment, though, I realized that this was one of mine: Deco Card!

If I recall correctly, Deco Card is the very first thing I made when I started making my own truetype fonts. I offered it for free years ago. Even though my fonts are out in the world, I don't see them in the wild very often. Given the context of this specimen, I feel like I should fess up to that 'M' as a serious infraction.

UPDATE: The artist has the posters available for sale.


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