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Lucky thirteen

08nov2011: Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of my website. It has had a news box here for most of that time, right here at this URL.

Even thought I resisted thinking about it as a blog for the longest time, I recorded trivial progress in my life: Travels, weather, side projects, and a random scattering of whatnot. Because I didn't lock myself into any particular blog software, the entries did not get reset by a software update along the way.

I realized the peculiar status of this when I was writing the previous post and trying to remember how long I had owned my Trogdor hoodie. I owned it when Cristyn was still living in San Diego, which was before we bought our house. How long ago was that? The readiest way to sort it out was to look at the old news.

As a footnote to the earlier post about storms: This year's weather oddities were compounded by an accumulation of snow before Halloween. It melted away by pumpkin day and the weather now is slightly chilly but sunny.


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