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How quickly it becomes retro

04nov2011: I'm at a coffeehouse thinking about natural kinds. Getting my refill, I had this conversation:

The Girl Behind the Counter: What's that on your sweatshirt?

Me: It's Trogdor. [...] A dragon. [...] From the internet.

TGBtC: Is that a meme?

Me: It's from Homestarrunner, which used to be a thing.

TGBtC: Oh. I'd have to look it up, then.

I got this sweatshirt several years ago, when Homestarrunner was still updating. It used to be that people - the girl behind the counter included - would often recognize it and react positively. The inevitable turnover behind the counter means that the girl behind the counter now is a new and different one. Pop culture references from the early 2000s are already retro.

Damn kids, with their dragon ignorance and their not being old. Bah!


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