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An assortment of disasters

05sep2011: September enters, bringing storms.

BIG tree

The earthquake two weeks ago felt nearer than Virginia. I was in my office, and the building decidedly shimmied. I was in a doorjamb before it had subsided, and quickly outside with several of my colleagues once the shaking had stopped. Cristyn - a native of southern California - scoffs at it; she recounts that she just dismissed the rumble as nearby construction. Although the nearby construction was rather ground-shaking over the summer, this quake confronted me with more noticeable shaking than any of the quakes that I experienced while living in San Diego.

The city shut down for the subsequent hurricane, although it was just a bunch of wind and rain from our point of view. We wouldn't have thought it an especially special storm if there hadn't been so much hype. Friend of ours had a great oak knocked over, which Cristyn poses with in the picture above.

Finally classes began again last week. I'm teaching philosophy of science at various levels this term, which puts the teaching close to my own research - which always makes for equal measures of excitement and discomfort.


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