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Computer kablooey, part two-ey [or] goodbye bocardo, hello elsinore

30may2011: Last week, my computer seized up again. It is still covered, so I took it in to receive some surgical attention from the folks at the Apple Store. This second trip under the knife meant a new harddrive. This means reinstalling and reconfiguring almost everything, so I have used it as the occasion to upgrade.

I am not the sort of person who names cars I've owned or places that I've lived, but network functionality means that I have given a name to every computer I've owned since the onset of the internet. The last machine, now demoted to a media server or somesuch, was bocardo. The new machine: elsinore.

Although I did have backups, there was a hiccup in restoring e-mail. This means that any e-mail I got in the last week might have been lost. If you sent me a message in that dark window and I had not replied yet, please send it again.


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