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Gardening in the elements

27nov2010: We had our eaves painted recently. It really needed to be done. Of course, the scraping and painting liberated lots of little paint flecks. We new this was going to happen, which is why we delayed until the waning days of Autumn to have the painters come; it was late enough that putting tarps over the garden beds would not crush any verdancy. For reasons that are not entirely clear, however, the painters moved the tarps before the operation was complete. So - possible contamination.

Since I am only back in Albany for this week, before going back to finish up my time in Pittsburgh, there was only this small window in which to help in the garden. So today I was out scooping, removing the top layer of dirt that paint flecks had fallen onto, and spreading around a new top layer of soil. Although it was fairly warm by upstate November standards, some snowflakes fell while we laboured.

There is still one bed we didn't scour, but it will have to wait until the Spring.


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