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The perspicious absence of God-Man

25apr2010: Today I received a cryptic message, the upshot of which is that most of the links on the God-Man Fan Page are broken.

The skinny is this: Ruben Bolling's contract with Salon recently ran out, so they took down their extensive archive of Tom the Dancing Bug cartoons. He has now arranged for the strip to appear at Boing Boing, but it looks like Boing Boing will only be running new strips.

I am not sure what is happening to Salon, which now has a masthead identifying it as "S beta". Salon has too much seniority on the web to claim beta status, which suggests that it's simply imploding.

I am also not sure what this means for the God-Man Fan Page. I never had any special rights to the comics and never hosted the images, but the fan page has always been a collection of links. Without links, it is like a Tootsie Pop without a chocolate center, like an owl without wisom, or like Christmas without tinsel.


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