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My calender just opened up

18mar2010: But not in a good way.

I don't make much use of the calender on my computer, but I try to keep track of the basic ebb and flow of life. For example, I mark class meetings and office hours in it. I just checked it and discovered that it had duplicated all of those entries several times over, so that it had me teaching class five times at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Record duplication is annoying, but it happens sometimes. So I tried to clear it up. The result is that there are no entries for my morning class at all except at the very beginning and end of the semester. Of course, the undo function can't undo this. So I can either reenter the data (pain in the ass), restore to a backup (fraught with different dangers), or nuke the site from space (it's the only way to be sure). This last option is the path of least resistance, so I'll probably be using iCal even less than the little bit that I used it before.

And the inclination I had to get an iPod Touch or iPhone to synch up and serve as a pocket organizer? Totally gone.


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