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The Decktet rampant


28dec2009: A game is not ranked in the BoardGameGeek database until it is rated by enough users. Of the over 44,000 games in the database, 5,831 are ranked. The ranking for a game is a function of the average of the ratings and the total number of ratings. This means that the highest ranked games are both rated highly and rated by thousands of people.

The Decktet is modestly-well rated by a few dozen users. Just yesterday it crossed the crucial threshold and entered the charts. As of this moment, it is at 2573rd. It is in the midst of some well established games. Especially since most of the copies of it are ones that people have made for themselves, it's holding its own. (Although I do sell spiffy printed copies, there are more BGG users who indicate that they own a Decktet than there are people who've bought copies from me.)


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