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A post relating to brevity and other curious tendencies exhibited by life on-line

14aug2009: I have accepted the fact that I actually write a blog, now that this kind of long form macro-blogging is passé. My forward-looking friends have moved on to Twitter.

Again, silly locution is involved. When the word was introduced, blogging sounded unpleasant - perhaps the sort of thing one would need to change one's pants after doing. The verb for Twitter is to tweet - after which one ought to open a window.

In a recent conversation, I said something which was suggested to be the kind of thing I would tweet if I had a Twitter account. This is what I said:

Sunscreen and the Poopdeck Oblivion: heavy metal Jimmy Buffet cover band

Make of that what you will.

Of course, the popularity of Twitter comes down to two factors. First, most people are tweeting from their cell phones. For someone using a tiny keyboard while standing in line, 140 characters may already be too much. lol. Second, long form blogging was often a matter of whingeing about pop culture and the weather. Boring rants are easier to endure if shorter.

Typed on my comfortable laptop keyboard, at the end of much verbiage, is a second peek into the alternate universe in which I tweet:

Twitter, the crucible for whingeing, is what a blog would look like if it were a series of fortune cookies written by Ezra Pound.


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