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Captain's log

Stardate 22may2009: Cristyn and I went to see the new Star Trek movie at a matinee today. It was a good time.* It was (I think) among the best Trek movies ever. The script gave every character a chance to shine, and the actors managed to establish a lot with just a little screen time. I'd love to see the cast return for a regular series, preferably a TV series.

There are elements of Star Trek tradition throughout the movie. It's done well, giving a shout out to fans, without wallowing in nostalgia or distracting viewers who aren't already steeped in decades of Trek. I surmise the last part, because I got many of the references; I resisted the temptation to keep score.

However, I think I earn serious geek cred for seeing the name Deep Roy in the credits, leaning over to Cristyn, and saying, "That's the guy who played in the Peking homunculus in Talons of Wang-Chieng." Cross-pollinating Trek to Doctor Who geekery for the win!

Extra cross pollinating geek points if you can name the sci-fi series in which Deep Roy appeared as the Klute.


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