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Full Court pressing

16mar2009: The Decktet basic deck has ten ranks: Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Crown

This was part of the inspiration for the name; a dectet is a set of ten things. Last year I was inspired to add several cards, creating the extended deck. Among the new cards was a new rank (Pawns) which is above 9 and below Crown. Jens Alfke sarcastically commented that I could keep making additions and turn the Decktet into a collectible card game.

When I devised the Pawn symbol, however, I had a a half-formed idea for a rank in the progression from Pawns (with one dot) to Crowns (with three). I considered making this a rank different than any other, trying out ideas like four suits per card or a new wild suit.

I ultimately decided that the new rank (Courts) would be, like Pawns, four cards with three suits on each card. The suit combinations were selected so that the Courts contain every pairwise suit combination absent from the basic deck (like Moons-Wyrms) but none of the most common combinations (like Moons-Suns). Since the new Courts are nearly the only way to satisfy both of this goals-- and since there's no more space between one and three-- I can't just tack on an extra rank.

the courts

If a publisher were interested in producing the Decktet, they might want an extra feature that was not already freely available. Since this is the final piece of the extended deck, I should probably just sit on it. As such, I am not releasing the Courts under the same open license as the rest of the Decktet.

However, I wanted to include the Courts in my own decks to try them out. And once I was having them printed, I thought it would only be fair to share them with people who traded for or bought copies from me. If you got a printed Decktet from me, there is already a copy of the Court cards in the mail.

When I design a game for the Decktet, I start out with the basic deck. The extended deck cards come in later as optional additions, if at all. So if you've made your own copy of the Decktet or gotten one through ArtsCow, you are not missing out on any functionality by not having the Court cards.

If you think they're a must have, there are three options for now. You can buy a copy from me, make a trade offer, or talk a commercial publisher into picking up the Decktet. I would be happy with any of these.


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