[Fan support for Epic Duels]

Epic Duels was a nifty game designed by Craig Van Ness and Rob Daviau. It was marketed under the Milton Bradley label, but you should not dismiss it for being a mass-market game. It's a well-crafted slug-fest. It falls into the class of `thinking optional' games-- strategy can pay off, but there's enough luck involved that strategy isn't mandatory.

The game practically called out for customizing. Years ago, I headed that call and helped to design several maps, a bevy of decks, and couple of scenarios. Although the game has since gone out of print, it still has an active internet following.

Epic dudes

We designed a few additional decks, and I drew up some Vector Heroes to go with them. Any comments, feedback, or play-test results would be welcomed.

New decks! Plus paper stand-ups to represent many of the new characters.

Epic venues

New maps, including:

Epic Tasks

Epic links

Tim Lennox has some nice maps and scenarios.

The Epic Duels Yahoogroup has lively discussion and several new decks available for download. As with all discussion boards, there is a certain level of noise.

The Epic Duels Wiki has links to most of the fan-spawned supplements.