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Scenario: When the cat's away, the mice will rumble.

Cristyn and I wrote this scenario in response to a contest that Philip J Reed held when the game was relatively new. We won the contest, which scored us a Frag Deadlands set. If we had then designed a Frag scenario that won us an Epic Duels set, then it would have made for a cute little anecdote.

Prolog: As many Epic Duelists have noted, 'duels' strictly speaking are one-on-one combats. So it was only a matter of time before the minor characters were left behind as Yoda, Vader, and all the rest went off to fight one another. The minor characters were left alone in the throne room, sitting on their hands and drinking Snapple from the machine down the hall.

It was Chewbacca who mentioned it first, but the idea was obvious: If the major characters were away, why shouldn't one of the minor characters ascend to rule the universe? Greedo concurred and the plot was hatched. Everyone was excited by the idea until Clone Trooper #4 noticed that he could never receive a noble title, since he of course did not have a name.

So conflict began, with Chewie and his coalition attempting to stage a coup against the forces gathered hastily by Clone 4. When the major characters return, will they find a new power on the throne?

Gameboard: Emperor's Throne Room

Characters: the named minor characters (Chewie, Greedo, Zam, Leia, Padme) and the unnamed minor characters (six clone troopers, two storm troopers, two battle droids, two super battle droids, two royal guards)

The named character player builds a deck from the appropriate decks with the major character cards removed. Leia's Luke's in Trouble card functions as if Luke had been destroyed; Padme's Protection card functions as if Anakin had been destroyed.

The unnamed character player builds a deck from the remaining decks with the major character cards removed.

Goal: The named character player aims to put a character on the throne-- she wins immediately if one of her characters occupies the Emperor Palpatine space. The unnamed character player wins if the named character player goes through her draw pile twice or if all the named characters are destroyed.

Set-up: Hold the other game board to serve as a screen that divides the board in half such that the Emperor's throne is on one side and the blue mist is on the other. The unnamed character player sets up the fourteen unnamed minor characters in the half of the room containing the throne. The named character player sets up on the other half. Then, the screen is lifted and the battle begins.

Game play: Roll to determine who goes first. All the usual rules apply, with the following revisions. Any clone trooper cards can be played with any of the six clone troopers.

When spending an action to draw a card, draw two cards, look at them, put one in your hand, and discard the other.

Players can heal surviving characters with the cards of destroyed characters. Cards for the unnamed minor characters can be discarded to heal only when all characters of that type have been destroyed.

If the unnamed character player goes through his draw pile, he reshuffles-- even a third or fourth time as necessary.