Exploding Desktops

These are cartoons by Sam Brown. I resized them for the desktop and added Sam's caption and url, but I can't take credit for the coolness. Visit his website to see more exploding goodness.

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[Desktop] I should have wished for more wishes (640x480)
[Desktop] that boy ain't right (800x600)
[Desktop] it will lead to hell (1024x768)
[Desktop] None of them knew they were robots (1280x1024)

[Red Robot World Domination]

Diesel Desktops

These are cartoons by R Stevens, featuring Sam's Red Robot. The first pastiche I put together seemed too busy for a computer desktop-- files got lost on it-- so I made a faded variation.

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[Desktop] Red Robot montage (1280x1024)
[Desktop] montage muted in mauve (1280x1024)
[Desktop] more montage muted in mauve (1152x768)