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Here are inhabitants of a high-fantasy world: heroes, villains, sailors, soldiers, shopkeepers, and more. They are all anthropomorphic animals or-- as I might say, putting the shoe on the other hoof-- zoömorphic humans.

Primitive, but Free

I started creating paper miniatures for an ongoing RPG campaign in the late 90s, when I was just starting to work with vector graphics. These figures are a relic of the work I was doing then-- primitive black&white splines!

[Fig 1] I was working before the Renaissance of paper miniatures and the renewed availability of Cardboard Hero bases, so I devised a way for the figures to stand up using a standard six-sided die. Each figure has a square base and goes around a die on the table. When the game is over, the die comes out and the figure can be stored flat. [Fig 2]

You can print off as many as you like, so you can use multiple instances of the same figure. You can distinguish them by using differently coloured dice as bases, by pointing different die faces up, by printing the figures on different colors of paper, or by writing on them.

Free (if Primitive)

You can download the whole thing: 43 figures and a roll-your-own die. You get animals wild and domestic decked out for careers adventuresome to mundane.

I love to get feedback about Vector Heroes-- even grumbly feedback. If you have any thoughts on the subject, drop me a line.