An inter-dimensional fortress

Cubicles and office space

The house

This old Louisiana plantation house was radically altered by a coalesced slime trail from the extra-dimensional larva Furtis Largax. There are many places in the house where interior and exterior dimensions do not match. These and other incongruities are mentioned in the descriptions of individual rooms. Functions that are common throughout the house are listed below.

Compasses behave differently in different parts of the house. The main floor and second floor have the same alignment, with the front of the house facing south. The garden, cellar, and basement also share an alignment, with the apparent front of the house facing west. Compasses do not indicate the presence of a magnetic north in the tower.

The house is self-repairing. Furnishings that were left behind as part of the slime trial as well as the structure of the house itself will reform slowly to repair any damage. Repairs will never take place in front of residents. Instead, they will occur while they are in another room, looking away, or at times even while they blink!

The house has central heating and air conditioning, although no units can be found. The fireplaces in the house, regardless of location, let smoke out through the chimney above the kitchen. That chimney can only be seen from the outside of the house, and has not corollary inside the current kitchen. Starting a fire in the fireplaces is easy, even with wet wood, and the wood will burn for longer periods than might be expected.

Main Floor

A. The Kitchen
The kitchen is fully equipped with the most modern appliances, all bearing the name plate of "Roche Technologies". Although it functions as a regular kitchen, residents will occasionally enter to find that the coffee has already been made or that the food that they wanted is just finishing up in the microwave, even though there had been none of that type of food in the house!
Aa. Pantry
The pantry is stocked with an array of dry goods and snack foods. It must be restocked normally and has no magical properties.
Ab. China Closet/ Bathroom
If entered from the kitchen, this room contains the house's fine silver and china, both are decorated with oriental landscape designs. If entered from the hallway, the room is a bathroom with a small shower stall.
B. Sitting Room
This room would have been the private family sitting room in the plantation house. It is decorated much as it would have been originally.
Ba. Master Bedroom
Put on the ground floor so that the master could be awakened without disturbing the guests, the master bedroom is decorated as it might have been originally. The bed is a four-poster canopy bed with a deep pile feather mattress.
C. Dining Room
The dining room table has room for fourteen (one at each end, six on each side), but one chair is missing. There is a grandfather clock by the window that runs backwards, but otherwise keeps perfect time.
D. Entry Hall
The entry hall runs the whole length of the house. With all three doors open at each end, there is ample ventilation even on the hottest of days. There is a fireplace on the east wall. On its left side is a terrestrial globe, normal except for the weather formations that swim along its surface. To the right of the fireplace is a celestial globe, which looks perfectly normal. The globe displays transitory condition like comets, planets, the sun, and the moon in their correct position at all times, however!
A spectral voice manifests itself in the front of the entry hall. The voice can only observe events in the hall, but can control the doors at both ends, as well as providing the thermostat.
E. Library
The library has less width and depth than its exterior dimensions would indicate. It is however, over 40 feet to the ceiling. Shelves line the walls all the way to the top. A ladder leads up to two catwalks that run around the edge of the room at the 15 and 30 foot level.
The room is poorly lit for its size and the shelves and ceiling are carved from a dark, almost black wood.
F. Lounge
This is the house's common room. There is a pool table in the center and a long set of low book shelves on the west wall. The walls are papered with a red and cream colored paper that shows cupids and fairies frolicking amongst the trees. A television is concealed in a cabinet beside the door.

Second Floor

G. West Bedroom
The west bedroom is decorated in red. The room is dominated by the enormous semicircular waterbed, which is raised above the rest of the room by two carpeted steps. On the west wall is a closet. Pink curtains hang over the windows and door to the south.
Ga. Balcony
The balcony can only be accessed by a sliding glass door to the west bedroom; an invisible wall of force makes it impossible to exit the confines of the balcony. The balcony is not visible outside the house, nor does the view correspond to the view from the plantation. The position of stars as well as weather patterns would place the balcony somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands.
Gb. Bathroom
This room is barely large enough for the large Jacuzzi style tub that dominates it.
H. Bedroom
This room is a mirror image of bedroom K and is of the same size, despite the apparent overlap with the hallway.
I. Suite Bathroom
This well appointed bathroom is shared by the two center bedrooms. It is decorated in muted pastels and pale earth tones.
J. Second Floor Hall
The entire hall is painted dark blue, and the carpet is a swirl of black bats barely discernible from the dark blue background. Both staircases from the entry hall lead exit at a single point on the second floor. When going down, a person has an equal chance of arriving down wither first floor stair case.
Just to the left after coming up the stairs is a spiral stairway up to the tower. Along the wall beside the door is a long, detailed tapestry portraying the fall of Lucifer and the his war versus God. Behind the tapestry are two doors. One is shattered and leads into a cave where a terrible creature guards the entrance into hell. The other door is unopened.
On the right side is a set of double doors that opens into a cramped but dry cave. The cave exits onto a small, uninhibited tropical island.
K. Bedroom
The room is decorated in light pastels and earth tones. Although a bit drafty, that is more than made up for by the fireplace. The bed is a comfortable but unremarkable queen sized bed.
Ka. Closet
This closet, and its mate in room H, contain the only laundry chutes in the house large enough to fit through. It would be a tight squeeze for anyone larger that a child, but sliding down it is possible.
L. East Bedroom
The east bedroom contains a bubbling koi pond. Its banks are tastefully arranged from rocks and its breadth is spanned by a steep, oriental bridge. The pond is self maintaining, and although the fish will take food that is thrown to them, they will find food to eat without being fed by the occupant. The rest of the room is decorated in an oriental theme, with fans on the walls and privacy screens comprising the walls separating the bathroom and closet from the rest of the room. The bed is a queen sized water bed in a sunken frame, so that the sleeper is at floor level.
Regardless of the time of day, the ceiling appears like a night sky, with twinkling stars and an orbiting moon. In the distance, sounds of the night can be heard, such as crickets or a light rainfall on water.
La. Closet
The closet always has three kimonos on hangars, in addition to the occupants regular clothes.
Lb. Bathroom
The bathroom is unremarkable and well equipped, except for its conspicuous lack of any mirrors.


The garden has no apparent correspondence on the outside of the house. Although an invisible wall makes it impossible to peak over the garden walls, weather patterns, time zone correlation, and star positions would seem to place it about at the location of the house. Although weather is identical with the world outside, airplanes never pass overhead.

The garden contains a large fountain depicting two angels in flight, each carrying a jug of water. The walls of the garden are lined with bushes and rare flowers. Something is in bloom almost all year. There is an apple tree in the northwest corner. It yields luscious red apples in season.


No tower is visible from the outside of the house. The four windows face out onto an old growth deciduous forest. As with the garden and the balcony, an invisible force makes leaving through the windows impossible. Wind can enter, however, as can rain. The time matches local time almost exactly, the weather tends toward drizzle and cold. The stars observable through the window match no arrangement visible from Earth.
The room is Spartan, consisting of gray stone and a few furnishings. There is a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a roll top desk, and a set of bookshelves arranged around the room. The bed is a four-poster bed, much like the one in the master bedroom.


The cellar can be reached from the storm cellar doors located outside and behind the kitchen. A tool bench sits at the bottom of the stairs. It is well stocked, but there are no power tools.

The well in the middle of the room is very deep, and anything dropped down it will never make a noise hitting the bottom. If there is a bottom, that is!

The laundry chute on the north wall connects with the back of the wardrobe in the tower and the closet in room K.
On the west wall are the back sides of two secret doors, one behind a shelf on the second tier of the library and the other in the second floor hall between the west bedroom and room H.


The basement is accessed by the stairwell just off of the kitchen. To the left of the stairs are three barred cells. The one nearest the stairs is a well stocked wine locker. In the one farthest from the stairs, a skeleton is shackled to the wall. To the right of the stairs are a mundane laundry machine and clothes drier. The laundry chute connects with the closets in the west bedroom, room H, and the east bedroom, as well as a hamper in the master bedroom.

Across the room from the stairs in the Laocoon, a Hellenistic sculpture stolen by metahuman criminals in 1986.

The office

TM Investigations, from this office in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter, touted itself as the only firm specializing in investigating matters involving metahumans which did not itself hire metahumans. This was a great selling point in a time when supers were unpopular, but of course most of the group members could transform into super-powered aspects.

The office wase ultimately abandoned when the group's lawyer blew it up and the team moved into the mansion above.