Stuff for Sentinels

We've played a lot of Sentinels of the Multiverse, the superhero cardgame from Greater Than Games. Here's some stuff we've made for it.

The randomizer

I created a web app which randomly picks a villain, an environment, and heroes. If you want to take a mulligan, you can thump one of the choices without rerolling all of them.

If you save the link as an icon on your home screen, it will save the content on your phone or tablet, allowing you to use it without an internet connection.

It includes all the decks and variants currently available, including Matthew Bishop's excellent Cauldron sets.

Support decks

Even though Sentinels can be played with two players, it requires them to play more than one hero each. Support decks get around this by replacing one of the heroes with a kind of automated deck. Each player gets one hero, and the support deck does the extra lifting.

We have created several support decks. They have different themes, and they also play differently. All have been fairly well tested, even though The Collectors deck doesn't have art yet.



The L.E.A.S.H. organization brings together paramedics, police, and crowd-control drones to help superheroes in times of crisis. This is their story.

[The Stone Moot]

The Stone Moot

Standing stones emerge mysteriously from the mystic mists, watched over by two inscrutable emissaries from the fairy court. The Stone Moot comes to order!

The Collectors

The Collectors are an order of scholars and antiquarians who monitor superhumans, acquire items of superhuman importance, store them, and keep them safe. The order works in secret, as it has for centuries. When a threat is dire enough or when the Collectors themselves are in danger, however, they have have been known to share some of the collection.

[Liberty Squad]

The Liberty Squad

The Liberty Squad was hand-picked by America's Greatest Legacy to fight Nazis, mad scientists, and alien marauders. Maybe the squad was shot forward in time, maybe the heroes have travelled back to the 1940s, or maybe everybody has been transported to a dimension outside of time. In any case, the Liberty Squad is here to help get the job done.

This one is a bit different, because I got both the rules and the pictures from somewhere else. The deck is by Geoff B. (aka Phantaskippy) and the pictures are mostly WW II era photographs.