Stuff for Sentinels

We've played a lot of Sentinels of the Multiverse, the superhero cardgame from Greater Than Games. Here's some stuff we've made for it.

The randomizer

I created a web app which randomly picks a villain, an environment, and heroes. If you want to take a mulligan, you can thump one of the choices without rerolling all of them.

If you save the link as an icon on your home screen, it will save the content on your phone or tablet, allowing you to use it without an internet connection.

It includes all the decks and variants currently available, including Matthew Bishop's excellent Cauldron sets.

Support decks

Even though Sentinels can be played with two players, it requires them to play more than one hero each. Support decks get around this by replacing one of the heroes with a kind of automated deck. We have created several.


Spite: Killer in the Shadows

Out of all the published material for Sentinels, Spite is the least satisfying villain to play against. You want to save victims, because that would be the heroic thing, but the incentives as-written encourage you just to abandon them, wait until all the drugs are in play, and then hit Spite very hard. If you play to win, all games against him end up looking about the same. This variant is meant to incentivize actually saving people. As a side effect, the game goes differently depending on how his drug cards come out.


Most supervillains have a story of who they were before they turned to evil, but occasionally there is a supervillain who is so pure that it doesn't matter what came before. Maybe they were nobody at all. Maybe they are just a projection of the zeitgeist. Pokerface is an embodiment of greed, an appetite given form. She wants everything. If the heroes don't stop her, she will have it.

This is an original villain. It uses cards from a standard deck as the villain deck, so you just need the character card.