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The Monster Campaign

Sam is my character in Dave's D&D campaign. In that world, the human and orc gods banded together centuries ago to defeat all the other species. Only the Kobold god maintains a presence, protecting the Kobold financial empire. In the Underdark, the monsters have banded together with the dwarves to fight a desperate battle for the future. The war is not going well...

My name is Samuel Mercury, but you can call me Sam because Sam-u-el Mer-cur-y takes sooo long to say.

Sam was six months old when he and his troop attacked an evil necromancer. The wizard teleported away, carrying the tenacious Sam with him. When they reached the wizard's laboratory, Sam was subjected to horrible experiments. Reasoning that the Quicklings' greatest weakness is their short lifespan, the necromancer conferred the curse of undeath upon Sam. Then he cast a geas which bound Sam to guard and defend the wizard's treasure room. After a few years the wizard came by less and less frequently, until he stopped coming at all.

This was eight-hundred years ago, before the troubles. Sam spent the years frittering around the wizard's study. He couldn't read any of the magic books, but he taught himself to read and read through all of the other books several times. He practiced many crafts. He learned to draw, for instance, forgot how and then learned again.

Recently, an earthquake split open the treasure room. Since it wasn't really a room anymore, the geas no longer applied and the spell was broken. Sam donned the treasure- a black amulet on a mithril chain- and headed out to look around.

The necklace is a sort of negative-material engine. When contact with the negative-material plane was severed and all the other undead disanimated, Sam's proximity to the necklace saved him. While the treasure room was still intact, a special dweomer allowed him to mainline the energy from the necklace and made it unecessary for him to feed. Although the charge from the necklace is still enough to keep him animated, the dweomer is gone and he now has to feed.

The world is very much new for Sam. Although he is widely read, all of the books are from before the troubles and he knows little about what happened while he stood guard. He has had very little experience as a free vampire and is still exploring the delights that feeding on different creatures has to offer.

Shudder at my ominousness. Sam Mercury
Quickling Vampire
STR 18/76
DEX 18
INT 14
WIS 17
AC -3 (-7)
Hit Dice 8+8
HP 74
Height: 2'
Move: "96 ("72)
3 attacks/round

Only visible 90% while moving. Invisible while immobile in natural cover.

Can cause the following spell-like effects 1/day: ventriloquism (ill2), forget (mu2), levitate (mu2), shatter (mu2), dig (mu4), shadow monsters (ill4)

Saves as a 19th level Cleric:

Damaged only by +1 or better weapons. Regenerates 1 hit/round.

Immune to sleep, charm, hold. Half damage from cold and electricity.

Each of his attacks does 5-10 damage and drains 1 level. If all 3 hit in a round, they drain 2 extra levels.

Can see in the dark.

Charms on eye contact if victim fails save vs. Magic at -2.

Can transform into gaseous cloud or bumble bat. Turns to gas automatically at zero HP; reforms if he can return to his coffin within 12 turns.

Can summon 100-10000 albino cockroaches or black moths.

Recoils from garlic, mirrors, crosses. Suffers in sunlight or running water.


Periapt of Negativity
Phylactery of Portly Cleric Impersonation (1hr x 3/day)
Drow Dagger +4 (+2/+4 from ST)
Cloak of Protection +4
Heward's Handy Haversack
Coffin (center pouch)
Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments (6 pots, left pouch)
Potions of Speed (2, left pouch)
Philter of Love (left pouch)
Chime of Interruption (right pouch)
Rohan's Spare Spellbook (right pouch)