Paul Frederic Magnus

Here are a few pictures of me. Although I spiffed them up a bit in Photoshop, it was just to make me stand out from the background. A few years have passed, but I have not had plastic surgery or any disfiguring injuries. I really do look like this, more or less.



[Me spiffed up]

[right] This was the image on my homepage, when I first launched this site in 1998. It was framed with boxes in a monstrous brown color scheme.

[above] The triptych composite is me circa 1999. It was the image on my homepage until early 2008.

[Me at the Zoo]

[left] At the San Diego Zoo. Sometime in 1998 and in Apr 2000.

[Me at the Zoo]
[Me at Balboa Park]

[right] Balboa Park. circa 1998.

[Me by the Sea]

[left] At the ocean. Sep 1999. Although I really was at the ocean when the photo was taken, the background is a photo of Brigus Newfoundland that I found on the web and pasted myself into. The site indicated that the photo had been taken from Bunker's hill in August 1994, during the Annual Brigus Blueberry festival.

[Me at the office]

[right] In my office at UCSD. Oct 2000.

[Me at Idyllwild]

[left] Idyllwild, California. May 2002. You can see pictures from that trip.

[Me in the snow]

[right] In the snow. Brunswick, Maine. Dec 2003.

[Me at Woodlake]

[left] Albany, New York. Jul 2004.

[right] In Budapest. Spring 2006.