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In the old days, a links page served the social function of letting you see the sort of stuff that I thought was worth a link and the selfish function of giving me a favorites window that I could access from any computer. Unforunately, it has been many years since I updated this page, not to mention the years it had been before that since I had updated it. So it is now an orphan page, which remains here as an excrescence of my antediluvian website.

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On-line Shopping

On-line Comics

Most days, I dodge work for a little while by reading comics. I have a circuit of strips that I read. It takes me about as long as it would to read whatever physical comics are in an actual newspaper, but I get to choose the line up.

Below is the list of strips that I frequent on my digital junkets. The roster changes periodically.



Here are the home pages of some cool people. For the sake of brevity, I list blogs here only of people to which I am related-- I monitor the RSS feeds of several other blogs.